Friday, February 18, 2011

SHANE Mother F@!KIN' BLACK Directing "Iron Man 3"

Looks like Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh are back in Lethal Weapon 5--but it looks like Mel "SS Officer" Gibson and Danny "Stop that Cab" Glover are now really too old for this shit. So they've hired Robert Downey Jr as crazy but lovable Riggs and Don Cheadle as the curmudgeon but commendable Murtaugh, to get the black and white buddy action comedy job done. I wonder if Joe Pesci will show up as wisecracking gangster Leo Getz again?

Oh wait, Shane Black has been hired to direct, Iron Man 3 with Downey Jr and Cheadle. As much as I praise the action comedy veins that pulsate in Black's veins. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the best buddy action comedies ever made. This will be interesting as it will be his first big budget helmer, 2nd directional job, doesn't have Joel Silver as a producer, a superhero movie, and the first franchise to be coming into the job- Black wrote only the first two Weapon scripts and rest of his career has been based off of original and highly lucrative screenplays.

Also I don't know what to think of a Shane Black movie without cynical bloody violence, four letter words, and the occasional boob or sexy sex scene. :( As this will be the first PG-13 movie for Black since The Monster Squad (1987)

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