Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Listen up all you Splatter Punks!

After cleaning up the streets of 'near' future Detroit for 3 movies, a TV series, a Saturday Morning cartoon, possible reboots, and endless graphic novel spin offs. Officer Alex "Robocop" Murphy will be honored with a 7 Foot iron cast statue by Casey V. Westbrook and company to be placed in Motor City.

Thanks to a huge donation by Peter Hottlete of Omni Consumers Products Corporations (yes! they do exist) and 1700 other anonymous donors were able to make the 50,000 dollar goal, a reality this past week

All of this wouldn't of been possible to honor the real steel officer, if Dave Bing, Detroit's current major didn't harshly dismiss a twitter comment on a possible statue. The city politics of Detroit are always attacking Murphy and his system of future justice but now the people have spoken.

You hear that Mister Mayor, you can now call him "ROBOCOP."

Now give this man, the key to the city.

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