Friday, July 13, 2018

The Last Drive-In w/ Joe Bob Briggs

A special Friday the 13th post from the exile and the underground of the former movie hopper--------

Welp folks, Joe Bob Briggs says it's time to hang up his hat and he's going out the modern times of a 24hr live stream marathon. With that, only a few mighty to be proud of the classic era of the cult and horror times that have gone way of the dinosaur---hopefully to be found in amber by John Hammond years from now.

The beer swinging-lawnchair crashing-ten gallon hat and bow tie movie loving fool will be on Shudder to end the era. Though some issues seem that the Shudder TV App seems to be only way to watch, so computer monitor be damned.

A case of Green Flash, a bag of circus animals, a Mexican sarape for warm, and frozen pizza with be the fuel for me as I start the fires and kick the tires going into THE LAST DRIVE with JOE BOB BRIGGS.

1st up---The Legend of Boggy Creek

This one seems in timeline redneck filmmaking Budweiser sweat to be the perfect pair for Mr. Briggs to kick start the marathon. It looks like they grabbed a 35mm camera from the local Wal-Mart in Arkansas. Heavily inspired by the true classic true crime grindhouse The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Yet with a hairy beast that roams the Little Rock area.

Commercial Break---Joe Bob Briggs tells the TRUTH, as his first job as a journalist was at the local Little Rock, AR newspaper. He says that they made up the legend of boggy creek at the paper. Though he claims no true involvement---Big Foot is a fake??? But this movie did make over 25 million dollars, still one of the most successful independent feature films ever made.


Commercial Break---Legend of Boggy Creek expert says he's never seen Legend of Boggy Creek in person but recent sightings placed six months ago from various postal truck works claim to have seen the Legend in the woods. So pack up the parcel truck and head out to Texarkana to see the Legend yourself. Plus if you know someone by the name of Travis Crabbtree bring them along too.

Commerical Break---Cowboy Hat cresses and Legend of Boggy Creek conspiracy theories debunked and made anew with Joe Bob. With an acoustic set of "Hey Travis Crabtree!" from the soundtrack of Legend of Boggy Creek.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Drinking and Gambling Make Men Out of Boys (FUP Quotes)

5 Pull quotes from the novella FUP by Jim Dodge

The focus of these quotes how I feel FUP, sums up what it is to be a man by the main character of 100 year old Grandpa Jake and his Grandson Tiny:

First quote defines the coloful language and character of who, Grandpa Jake, sees himself fit to take care of the young orphaned grandchild Tiny.

Grandpa Jake and Fup’s taste in movies. The writer, Jim Dodge, illustrates these passage on the dark humor to Jake’s taste towards storytelling.

The old school idea men and their feelings how an older generation like Grandpa Jake sees them as something that you develop over time and don’t show too much of emotion.

Again, the writer Jim Dodge’s colorful description of a hard earned and working man like Grandpa Jake from what he looks to us as the reads and what he sees as himself.

Over all story is one of questions the story ask of the reader is how the views of death. Grandpa Jake feels as he becomes older sense of spiritual connection to death, example of his dead friend Johnny Seven Moons being reincarnated as the wild boar Lockjaw, while Tiny, as the young man,views death in a matter of fact. The example of his mother’s death drowning in the lake.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

They're Back, THE HANGOVER: PART 2 Teaser Trailer

As we've seen and heard from all the rumors in cast changes, bizarre photo shoots, and possible cameos. The Wolf Pack is back in The Hangover: Part 2.

Not much to really say in the sense of what the hell happened again. But its worth checking out the dynamic comedic tripod as they are now joined by siamang monkey and a face tattoo that only Mike T. could love in Thailand. As things look to get dirtier, grittier, and balls out crazier for the gang, this summer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Listen up all you Splatter Punks!

After cleaning up the streets of 'near' future Detroit for 3 movies, a TV series, a Saturday Morning cartoon, possible reboots, and endless graphic novel spin offs. Officer Alex "Robocop" Murphy will be honored with a 7 Foot iron cast statue by Casey V. Westbrook and company to be placed in Motor City.

Thanks to a huge donation by Peter Hottlete of Omni Consumers Products Corporations (yes! they do exist) and 1700 other anonymous donors were able to make the 50,000 dollar goal, a reality this past week

All of this wouldn't of been possible to honor the real steel officer, if Dave Bing, Detroit's current major didn't harshly dismiss a twitter comment on a possible statue. The city politics of Detroit are always attacking Murphy and his system of future justice but now the people have spoken.

You hear that Mister Mayor, you can now call him "ROBOCOP."

Now give this man, the key to the city.

Monday, February 21, 2011


With EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, a front runner for Best Documentary at OSCARS '11, the elusive and madly brilliant guerrilla artist Banksy wants to take the sluggish awards ceremony by storm.

But that golden plated old man doesn't want any of those whipper snapper shenanigans at this year's ceremony. As the plan originally was, if Exit wins the Oscar, 5 people wearing the Banksy signature monkey mask a la V for Vendetta, would approach the stage asking for the award.

Rumor tag-line would be, "Giving me that motherfucking Oscar."

The award ceremony coordinators will not let this happen due their fear of infamous "gatecrashers" or fellow Movie Hoppers like yours truly- I promise most of us who are coordinated enough to break into coveted Oscars are harmless and we're only there to show that shouldn't be a praise of bourgeois material like The King Speech.

Like the Defacto South of the past, the awards ceremony are afraid of change or somebody fucking with system but if they keep being resistant to ideas like Banksy, they'll just keep getting lower ratings and weak ass hosts. (No disrespect to this year's host Franco and Hathaway but they are no Billy Crystal.)

But on a Banksy note, this could be all hype for something quite extraordinary in taking down the red carpet this year. Just wait and see what the attack artist will bring this Sunday, if anything.