Monday, February 21, 2011


With EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, a front runner for Best Documentary at OSCARS '11, the elusive and madly brilliant guerrilla artist Banksy wants to take the sluggish awards ceremony by storm.

But that golden plated old man doesn't want any of those whipper snapper shenanigans at this year's ceremony. As the plan originally was, if Exit wins the Oscar, 5 people wearing the Banksy signature monkey mask a la V for Vendetta, would approach the stage asking for the award.

Rumor tag-line would be, "Giving me that motherfucking Oscar."

The award ceremony coordinators will not let this happen due their fear of infamous "gatecrashers" or fellow Movie Hoppers like yours truly- I promise most of us who are coordinated enough to break into coveted Oscars are harmless and we're only there to show that shouldn't be a praise of bourgeois material like The King Speech.

Like the Defacto South of the past, the awards ceremony are afraid of change or somebody fucking with system but if they keep being resistant to ideas like Banksy, they'll just keep getting lower ratings and weak ass hosts. (No disrespect to this year's host Franco and Hathaway but they are no Billy Crystal.)

But on a Banksy note, this could be all hype for something quite extraordinary in taking down the red carpet this year. Just wait and see what the attack artist will bring this Sunday, if anything.

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