Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Countdown To 'The Expendables'

Pumped Up and Fully Loaded

Day 2 Live Round:

Tango & Cash (1989)
Where to begin on this epic action buddy team up? First of all several stunts where inspired by Jackie Chan's Police Story movies, Stallone was starting his change from muscle grunt to slick wall street type, Kurt Russell steals the show phoning in as Jack Burton from the classic Big Trouble In Little China, Brion 'Leon' James has one horrible cockney accent, and Jack Palance with James 'Lo Pan' Wong make up as the ultimate 80s bad guys. So many wisecracks, over the top explosions, and Teri Hatcher drumming on beat pads. The more notorious story is how poor director Andrei Konchalovskiy of the underrated 80s classic Runaway Train and cinematographer Barry Sonnerfield where fired in the middl of shooting. Remember always shoot Stallone's good side and never be too serious on set. Have no fear though this movie will get you testosterone flowing except when Russell shows up in drag.

Tomorrow's Fully Loaded Movie:

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