Monday, August 9, 2010

Countdown To 'The Expendables'

Pumped Up and Fully Loaded:
A Week Long Countdown To 'The Expendables'

Day 1 Live Round:

Cobra (1986)

Crime is a disease. Meet The Cure. Sly Stallone's version of what could of been Beverly Hills Cop had it not taken the funny guy route-though one love to 80s Eddie Motherfuckin Murphy. Stallone at his most 80s action sleaze full of sweat, guns, big scary knifes, and a whole lot of Bridgette Nealson saving. I think Stallone regrets making this for several reasons but here at Movie Hopping we thank him for making one of the most unapologetic 80s action movies ever. Bring The Pain!

Tomorrow's fully loaded movie:
Tango & Cash

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  1. Countdown to "The Expendables?" What about "Countdown to MACHETE!?"