Monday, February 22, 2010

What Would Be Your Ideal Movie to Watch?







Imagine one day if you went to the movie theatres and the projectionist ask you, what you wanted to see that day.

No more of this I hope this will be good or it's been delayed for months anticipation. No more of this the movie was great but why did they put that favor of the month pop song in it.

You can choose blending the genres, actors, cinematographers, musical scores, juxtaposition scenes of action, sex, comedy together, cut out the boring parts, smash together childhood heroes and villains, and create the ideal poster for your ideal watching masterpiece.

(Keep in mind real filmmakers this is different from something you would film yourself, it would be the movie you always wanted to go to the movie theatres for.)


  1. My ideal movie to watch would consist of a double feature:

    First Showing
    -A Road Trip Movie staring Jason Schwartzman and Sam Rockwell playing two junkies named Chuck and Mike go on a cross country from New York to LA carrying a mysterious package in the truck of their beat up 1967 Camaro, along the way they meet a wise old hitchhiker played by Harry Dean Stanton accompanied by Asia Argento, get arrested by a crooked Sheriff in Texas played by Ed Harris and his sadistic deputy played by Jermey Remner, meet a friendly auto mechanic played by Bruce Campbell,who shows up a various moments through out the road trip, and Christopher Walken, who maybe be Rockwell's long lost father. Lucid drug trips in the desert, a traveling circus group consisting of Bill Murray, Roberto Benghini, Steve Buscemi, Jackie Chan, Woody Harrelson and Danny Devito, with one to many parties, road side diners, and watering holes following another which end in either a wild fight or crazed sexual antics. Music would be by Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and John Lurie, with either Rodrigo Prieto or Javier Agurriesobre shooting in super 16mm.

    Poster would have the tagline: "Sometimes life will lead you to places that are stranger than paradise." or "When the law keeps you down, its a good time to hit the road." or "Chuck and Mike knew they would find themselves way in over their heads."

    Poster design: A Polaroid picture of Schwartzman and Rockwell setting on the 67 Camaro with a desert sky line.

    2nd showing
    -An Action packed macabre caper drama about a group of jewel thieves (Asno Tatnobu, Adrian Brody, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Gael Garcia Bernal, Zach Galifinakas, and Michelle Yeoh) botch a heist and have to hide out in a small Northern California town, all the while being followed by international clan of bad ass gangsters lead by Beat Takeshi, Toshiro Mifune, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chow Yun-Fat, Vinnie Jones, and Mickey Rourke. The town both groups find themselves in is a cross between a Cohen Brothers meets Alejandro Jorodrowsky film. Towns folk would be played by Tom Noonan, Brad Dourif, Salema Hayek, Jane Adams, Steve Buscemi, Maria Bello, Orson Welles, Sid Haig, Gary Busey, Jeff Goldeblum, Christina Ricci, Gina Gerson, M. Emmett Walsh, Micheal Shannon, Chuck Norris and Kurt Russell.
    With music by Clint Mansell with Christopher Doyle shooting the majority of the film in 35mm. Peter Pau and Woo Yun Ping will choreograph and shoot the action sequences.

    Poster Tagline: "They thought Tokyo was tough wait till they get to Arcadia." or "From Tokyo to California, meet the ultimate gun-blazing epic this side of the Pacific."

    Poster design: Two cars full of the all-star cast coming out of a center fireball, guns blasting and high kicking at each other.
    Left side of the poster would have the city of Tokyo sky line of neon lights and the right would have a Redwood Forrest saying welcome to Arcadia.

  2. must have elements of anime, sci-fi and action comedy ...jim carrey, ben stiller, rob schneider, jack black and edna mode are a must.