Friday, February 19, 2010

The Movie Hopping Manifesto

The Moviehopping Manifesto:
Moviehoppers of All Countries, Unite!

A spirit is roaming our nation’s movie houses – the spirit of movie hopping. All the mighty Megaplexes fear this spirit and launch an unholy alliance against this spirit – the industry, owners and mangers.

But where is the opposition? It’s not in the masses of moviegoers paying 10 Dollars of their hard earned money for mediocre mind-numbing “entertainment”.

It’s the spirit of those who won’t let this happen. Those who demand going back to the day when movies where not only made, but also affordable for the working men who paid a few cents to enjoy the magic of a moving picture that was frowned upon by the bourgeoisie and capitalists.

Lets unite and go to 6 Dollar matinees and stay as long as we please. Watch three movies and bring your on water bottle, candy and sandwich.

We must fellow Movie Hoppers stand together against the tyranny of the Megaplexes, so go in pairs of two or three, to keep the good fight going.

Stick to a few simple guidelines and fight the Establishment. This is why Moviehoppers from all over the world have united to write this manifesto…

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