Saturday, April 24, 2010

SFIFF53 (Short Film collection update)

Pirate Utopia (A collections of abrasive mix mediums)

  • The Little White Cloud that Cried
Festival Favorite and every one's favorite Canadian filmmaker, Guy Maddin, unleashes his short dedicated to Kuchar brothers. Signature style of student filmmaking and taboo breaking of transsexuals stimulating falleo.

  • Embrace of the Irrational
A Christopher Guest mocumentary style short, shot in Oakland offers some nice touches to the idiosyncratic problems that arise on a low-budget nature show.

  • Zef Side
Something that music video artist Jonas Askland would be proud of, as white trash rappers and leg-less backup dancers are incorporated into a glossy music video.

Talkin about My Generation

A mix of Youtube inspired videos from young filmmakers, some are pretty annoying but the Lego James Bond is quite fun to watch.

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